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Published Work

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Literary Journal Publications


c"Cookies and Rosaries," Heart of Flesh Literary Journal

"Notes to Arthritic PianistsWordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

"A Crippled Piano,"  Intima:  A Journal of Narrative Medicine

"The Girl from the Grotto," DINE: An AnthologyBooks by Hippocampus, 

"Unbalanced," Kaleidoscope,

"The Lipstick Helps," Longridge Review

"Unbalanced" Spry Literary Journal

"Rosaries and Radicals," PILGRIM: A Journal of Catholic Experience,

"(Un)fortunate Sons," BioStories Magazine

"Nocturne," Every Writer,

"Scattered Solitude," Sotto Voce Magazine

Interviews and Blog Posts

Behind the Words with Sheila LunaSpry Literary Journal Interview

"Who Knows how the Body Turns: A Reflection on Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis," Crossroads Blog, Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine

ASU Magazine Articles


"From Teacher to Protector",  Accents on English

"Online Students are Plugged in to Education,"  Accents on English

"The Writing's on the Wall: Art as Nonviolent Protest," Accents on English

"Transforming Food Deserts into Food Hubs," Accents on English

"Persevering Amidst War to Earn Degree," ASU Now

"High on Writing," A Dialogue with Matthew Gavin Frank about his Memoir, Pot Farm," Accents on English

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